Friday, July 1, 2011

Eid Mehndi Designs

Introduction: Mehndi is a type of body art. This type of art is printed on hands, foot, and neck and on the other parts of the body. This is used to make the occasions graceful. Mehndi is also use as hair dye. It makes the hair long, strong, shiny and healthy. It also controls the hair lose. It is a kind of old tradition and with the passage of time this tradition grow thicker and thicker.

Before The Eid Day (“Chaand Raat”): On Eid we usually use it to make tattoos. The night before the Eid day is called “Chaand Raat” and mehndi celebration is start on this day and remains continues the whole night. Mostly young girls used to make henna tattoos on the whole body and on the very small portion of the body. So, because of this we can say that mehndi has great importance in the life of a girl. Boys also use henna as tattoo making and as hair dye. Old ladies design their hands on the finger tips and with a circle on the palm and the also dye their hair.

On Eid Day: According to old tradition Eid celebration is started with the name of “Allah Almighty” (“Eid pray”) and with a sweet dish but here is also another important thing that makes the Eid’s joy double and that thing is henna color on the hands of girls. They show their hands to their fellows just to hurt them by showing the beauty of their design and color.

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