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Simple Mehendi Designs

Mehndi is a nice fashion in this latest season.Girls like to have mehndi in there hands in the special season like wedding mehndi designs,party mehndi designs bridal mehndi design,arabic mehndi designs,simple mehndi designs,best mehndi designs,mehndi patterns,indian mehndi designs,rajasthani mehndi designs,pakistani mehndi design. So young girls wanted to have mehndi designs on there hands from best mehndi designer so that they look good in party and many such functions. So today we will show you some of the best mehndi designs of 2010-2011-2012 form the best mehndi designer.So today we will show you some of the best mehndi designs from Suman mehndi artist who is one of the best mehndi designer.
This is an Arabic mehndi designs for wedding. mehndi designer designs the attractive designs on both the hands and both the legs. The mehndi designs which you are seeing above is the best Mehndi designs for Arabic Bridal mehndi patterns of 2010-2011.
Arabic mehndi designs
The designs which you are seeing is the Indian bridal mehndi designs for hands which are very popular in India according to there culture. In this designs the designer fill complete hands from front to back and on arms and the finger the evenly filled with mehndi paste which looks very stylish. When to see the feet of bridal then the indian mehndi designer gives a very nice and best designs all over the world.These types of bridal mehndi designs for legs you can see in Asian country like India And Pakistan who normally designs the mehndi from the best designer in different occasion like wedding,parties. And this designs are popular among the teens age girls like 20-30 year old. They prefer and love this designs on there hands.According to current fashion of mehndi the chic girls wanted to have mehndi on there full hands.As you know the the 19’s fashion is back. And people wanted to have all old age fashion now a days.And these is also seen that many mehndi designer draw the bold patterns on full hands and legs which are becoming popular day by day.
mehndi patterns for hands and begginers
This is a designs of mehndi is for teen age girls like 20-30 year old in this current fashion of 2011-2012. Because now a days you will find girls moving towards the old fashion which are new now a days.This mehndi designs is simple patterns which gives embroidered designs looks on it instead of filled and fine mehndi designs. The picture you see bellow is a designs which is filled with fine art with a leaves and flower patterns all over. These type of mehndi designs you can see during wedding season mostly.
Pakistani Mehndi Designs
The designs which you seeing above is designer specially for the western culture brides as this designs include floral patterns which are includes in form of tattoos on both the hands. This Mehndi covered by both the hands shoulder and arms. And the mehndi on the feet is also reflect same designs as compared to hand designs.
Indian mehndi designs
The designs which you are seeing above is Arabic ,Irani,Pakistani Mehndi culture and tradition. Now a days it is seen that Afghanistan people is also moving towards the mehndi tradition but uses only fine patterns on there hands. This mehndi designs is simple and easy to draw which looks beautiful on hands.
Easy mehndi designs

Henna Designs For Hands.

Henna Designs For Hands.

There many henna designs for hands which are available in market. We have tried to give you some of the latest and natural henna designs for hands. Indian women is not called as we unless and until bride Don’t have any mehndi or henna designs on hands with the groom name hidden on the henna designs on hands which groom have to find before proceeding any further first night procedure.No wedding ceromony is complete without mehndi henna designs for hands.Which ever part of the country the bride and groom belong they will not called as the married couple unless and until they don’t have any henna mehndi designs on there hands.

You will find many artist of henna Mehndi designs for your hands all over India.And also many beauty parlor which offer special henna designs package for your marriage occasions. There are many range and variety of henna designs from which a girl can choose from large variety of henna mehndi designs like Indian mehndi designs,Simple mehndi designs which covers all the part of the palm and Arabic Mehndi Designs on which patterns are drawn on the side of the hands. And the coast of the henna mehndi designs on your hands varied from parlor to parlor and state to state and artist to artist.

Henna Mehndi Designs for hands is associated to lots of things like a good dark designs is sign of luck prosperity and happiness and good luck of new married couple. It is common in Indian culture that bride and groom name is hidden in henna designs which both have to find on each other hands during the first night of marriage.And wedding night can’t proceed unless and until bride and groom dint find each other name. Some the great example of henna designs for hands are Peacock,Fine Leaves, Lotus Flower.and many such nice and wonderful

How to Dye Hair with Henna|natural henna|Henna Color

Henna is also called as mehndi which comes from the natural source, Dye itself intimate you that it’s a chemical product but henna dye also comes with many natural origin in which only natural product are used so before buying any henna hair color or henna dye just read the ingredients of particular henna pack before purchasing. Safe henna hair dye is natural henna dye which contains no chemicals which may harsh your hair periodically.It is recommended that you bought henna dye from good henna shop or store as in India you can find many henna dye which people are selling at street in many locals shop. So beware of this kind of henna dye.Applying henna dye to your hair in natural ways can give your hair vibrant,soft,healthy results Bellow we have mention some step by step procedure to apply henna dye on your hair which gives you a soft and healthy results.

How To prepare henna dye paste to apply on your nice hair:

1) Purchase 50 gram to 500 gram of quality henna powdered which does not contain any chemical( try to read the ingredient on the henna pack) depending on your hair size and depending upon your requirement.

2) Now take any glass or plastic container and pour your henna powder in it depending upon the length of hair.

3) Now mix some quantity of water depending upon the quantity of powder you have taken and mix in such a way to give a very thin and fine paste after mixing.

4) Now cover the container with the piece of any plastic paper or any piece of kitchen foil, and leave it over night at room temperature. Allow the dye or the henna paste to leave for longer time to give a very vibrant results.

Now as the henna dye paste is ready to use we will show you now how to apply it on your hair in a correct manner.

1) Wash your hair with a nice conditioner shampoo and make it dry with time or with a help if dryer,Now wear any old t-shirt or any unused cloth and cover your shoulder part so that when any henna dye paste get poured on your shoulder then it may not harm your precious dress.

2) Wear a gloves on your hand or if not available then used any plastic bad and tight it on your hands. and now take a small quantity of henna paste on the hand and put on your hair starting from nape of the neck. apply it thick like a cake frosting.

3) Now apply the paste to your whole hair keeping in mind that no part of the hair must remain with out henna paste.

4) Now cover your hair with hair cover pack which are available in market. If not available then used any plastic bag and wrap your hair with the help of it.

5) Now wipe out the henna paste which are there on the forehead or any other part of the body while applying like ears,neck.etc.

6) Now leave the henna paste on the hair up to 3-6 hour so that it get dried away.

7) Now wash the henna paste hair by rinsing much of it out possible with water and then with any conditioner shampoo, this will help to remove the last bits of henna paste which when leaved after rinsing with water.

Now your ready with shiny and healthy and soft henna paste hair which is natural also.Enjoy If you have any more query regarding henna application then do leave a comment.Tank you

New Traditional Mehndi Designs And Patterns

Mehndi art is very old and ancient art and have very much high value in traditional fashion.Mehndi designs are made on hands and its a temporary mehndi patterns which gets wash away after 15-20 days depending upon the stain of color.Mehndi is mostly related to girls or Women, Mens only put mehndi during the wedding occasion with a big dot patterns in the center of the palm.And women mehndi designs of traditional patterns are made with a groom name in the designs which groom search in the hands of the bride during the first night.Traditional Mehndi have its value in its own which shows indian tradition culture and its importance during many Indian celebration period.We have collected some of the indian traditional mehndi designs which you can find bellow and can see the patterns what its says some to you or not.If it says some thing with there patterns thats what is indian traditional patterns.

Traditional mehndi designs which are put along with a nice bridal dress and full makeup to have attraction dancer also put mehndi designs on there hands to get more attention on them when dancing.The use of this traditional patterns is to show the love against mehndi and its traditional value.There are two method which are used now a days for traditional mehndi designs one is nice henna natural paste which when applied gives a dark brown stain color and its there on hands for 15-20 days depending upon the quality of henna paste and another one is black henna mehndi in which many harmful chemical are used so try to aviod this types of mehndi paste and get stick with indian traditional mehndi designs which is natural mehndi.

Tradtional Mehndi Designs pics and images

Bridal Mehndi Designs For Hands

There are large number of website which deal with bridal mehndi designs and you can find many designs for bridal to have it on your hands. But we have tried to get some top 5 bridal mehndi designs from all those internet and magazine source.This designs includes new arabic indian pakistani bridal mehndi designs of floral leaf having different styles and patterns.Have a look on bellow pics of simple bridal mehndi designs for hands and legs.

Bangles mehndi style of bridal are becoming now a days popular among the girls.Which gives a nice patterns of floral leaf in the center of the hands and legs.The back side and front side of the hands are decorated by the nice floral mehndi designs.Watch out the bridal mehndi designs for hands.

Mehndi Designer by best Designer in India.

Mehndi designs are the great fashion here in indian mostly during the wedding season, Girls and women’s always prefer to have mehndi designs during speacial occasion like navrasthri ,mehndi night,or any special party,Its includes many mehndi designs like bridal mehndi designs,Arabic mehndi designs,wedding mehndi designs during wedding time,party mehndi designs,college mehndi designs during college farewell,And so on. We have selected some of the best mehndi designs from the all over indian of many best mehndi designer.

The above pictures or an images you are looking is of Arabic mehndi designs. The mehndi designs by best designer has dazzled designs on both hands to give a attractive look to it. The above mehndi designs which are seeing is rated as the best mehndi designs of arabic mehndi designs for the year 2010-2011.

The above designs you are looking is of indian bridal mehndi designs.Which shows the culture and simplicity of Indian Woman’s.The picture you are seeing is filled with fine mehndi designs completely like front hands and back hands, with mehndi designs Even the fingers are also filled with stylish mehndi designs.Lets now discuss something about bridal feets.Indian designer of mehndi try to shows the indian culture in the mehndi designs with the help of designs of leaf and flowers which represent love.Many indian mehndi designer draw a lotus flower in the middle of the hands.And in india lotus is out national flower which is the sign of love and happniess among all people of india.

This type of mehndi designs are normaly you can see in indian and Pakistan or in Asain country and very well known and famous among the age girl of 20-25.As this age teen girls don’t believe in while hands mehndi designs with large dot.They move along with the current fashion having fine simple mehndi patterns on there hands. Mostly the whole hand covering with mehndi is trend of bridal mehndi designs.

The above mehndi designs which you can see is not from india. She is louis from canada mehndi designer.Mehndi is not only popular in indian it is becoming popular day by day in europe country also.You can see a slight simple mehndi designs with colored material on her shoulder looks very attractive.

The mehndi patterns which you are seeing above is from the western brides who stays at USA.This is a simple example of Indian and Europeon mehndi designs ,Indian ,Arabic ,Pakistani mehndi designs includes floral designs which includes on both hands. Mehndi covers complete hands till shoulder.But in the case of bridal designs only.Mehndi legs designs are made as compared to hands designs only to give a same effect and feel.on hands and legs both.

Bridal Mehndi Designs

Arabic Mehndi Designs for Hands simple latest arabic indian patterns

Arabic Bridal Mehndi Designs

Arabic Mehndi Designs Patterns Henna Designs Which are latest 2010 Arabic mehndi designs is very famous and popular mehndi designs all over the globe because of its significiant place in mehndi world.It is liked by the 90% of the mehndi lover because of its unique patterns and unique values all over globe.Arabic mehndi designs are different from other mehndi designs at very certain extent. If we asked any Arabic women to draw a mehndi designs on the hands then she will first try to make a patterns of flowers, leaves, and many want to draw a flowers of lotus on the center of the hands which is the sign of love and spirit. Not only the girls or women’s boys are also moving towards the Arabic mehndi designs because of its natural temporary tattoos nature.Many boys love to have arabic bridal mehndi designs,which are some what similar to arabic mehndi designs at certain extent.

Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs

Arabic designs are very much thick lined and smooth designs.Arabic bridal mehndi designs are outlined by a thick line with a fine fillings in between. Indian brides who love Arabic mehndi designs always want to have mehndi designs of Arabic on there body which are on upper of back, umbilical, shoulder and on the lower back, with there husband name which are hidden on there different parts of there body.It is compulsory for tha husband to find all the hidden name on bridal body in first night. Arabic mehndi is really traditional mehndi designs, And we also know that mehndi history is very old and ancient art. Thats why along with the time and duration mehndi history its designs are keeps on changing depending upon the current fashion. Like today mehndi designs are now well famous from different name of mehndi tattoos all over the globe.A large number of population all over the globe want to have some tattoos on there body,and mehndi tattoos is the only natural tatoos and its also a tempory tattoos which automatically wash away after 10-15 days depending upon there stain. Bellow are some of the Arabic mehndi designs have a look.

New Arabic Mehndi DesignsLatest arabic mehndi designs Indo arabic mehndi designs

Free arabic mehndi designsArabic mehndi patternsArabic mehndi hand designsArabic mehndi designs pictures.arabic mehndi designs imagesArabic bridal mehndi designs.

Latest Rajasthani mehndi designs for bridal arbic indian pakistani

In indian rasjastan is well know for its mehndi designs and mehndi product. The reason behind this is the mehndi which is also called as henna plant grows in tropical reagion. And rasjasthani climate is also tropical.More the tropical region more the quality of the mehndi product will Increase. Women in indian always love to have a rasjasthani mehndi designs on there hands,Many types of rajasthani mehndi are available in market, So be careful with the harsh defective product. Rajasthani mehndi paste will be always dark orange when mix in water to have a paste.

Rajasthani Mehndi Designs

Rajasthani mehndi designs for hands

Rajasthani Mehndi Designs For Legs.

Indian mehndi designs images and pictures arabic bridal simple pakistani henna patterns

Bellow you will find some latest and new mehndi designs of indian arabic simple pakistani rajasthani and many more designs which you will love to put it on your hands.

Indian Mehndi Designs

Indian mehndi

Indian wedding mehndi designs

Indian mehndi designs images

Indian mehndi designs

Indian bridal dulhan mehndi designs

Indian arabic mehndi designs

Indian mehndi designs 1

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